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Who says you never have to say you’re sorry!
Who says you never have  to say you’re sorry……your mate is the first one you need to say you’re sorry to.  Their the ones that are by side and make it happen day to day to make your day a better day!  Why not make each others day a better day… the one you’re with […]

What to look for in a mate?
I don’t claim to be the expert, but I have found some really good articles that are worth passing on if you are deciding the person you with is the right one.  This article from Focus on the Family by James Dobson is great……if interested read it.

Doing a wedding?
Of course June isn’t the only month for weddings.  There is always questions for the right way to handle some wedding etiquette questions.   This is an updated version and might help from the June 1, 2009 Good Housekeeping advice column.  Weddings can be a stressful time, so if you have the time try […]

Are you making choices about your wedding day that are stressing you out?  The wedding day can be the day you always thought it would be,  exciting, beautiful, romantic ,  fun and  relaxing day.  As we blog-a-long together look for  help and suggestions to make creative planning and workable wedding plans for you to make […]
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